End of 2020 Season Notes

So this year went in ways many of us never could have expected, and it’s not over yet! I am so grateful for spending time in the garden and being nourished by all my plant allies to get me through it. We postponed the garden internship at Merryspring Nature Center this year to next spring and other events I am involved in like The Maine Herbal Gathering also were put on pause (though we will be printing a zine to keep the herbal community connected, check out the website for more info.)

I miss connecting with folks by working together in the garden but have enjoyed talking to people who are NEW gardeners this year, finding more time and space to start their own, planting seeds and then harvesting and drinking tea from even just a few pots of herbs. Looking towards 2021 I am offering more personal herb garden mentorships that extend further than just one time garden consults. These can be done virtually or on the phone, and having grown medicinal plants in a variety of zones I can really tailor them to wherever people may be. Send me a message and we can talk more about it if you are interested. We can even get started on your planning this fall and winter. We can cover everything from picking the right seeds to how and when to harvest your herbs and then how to dry or prepare them for use.

Classes and updates for next gardening season will be posted in early March but check my instagram for my most up to date offerings.

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